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A simplified model of interannual water temperature variations in Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound Ma, Helai


The thermal conditions in the Hecate Strait-Queen Charlotte Sound region are studied. A coupled upwelling/mixing model was developed to simulate the interannual variability of temperature in the region; the switch between the upwelling and mixing models is controlled by the monthly Bakun Index. A theoretically derived velocity field is applied in the upwelling model in summer and a simplified upper mixed layer model is used to simulate winter conditions. The temperature variation is integrated by a finite difference scheme. The region is simplified as a two-layer wedge-shaped volume to represent the Moresby Trough that forms the main passage of cold water intrusion into Hecate Strait. The model was run for 37 years and hindcasted the interannual variations of temperature in the Hecate Strait-Queen Charlotte Sound region from 1953 through 1989. A comparison was made between the model results and observed data. The general features of the temperature variations are well reproduced by the model results.

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