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Contact relationships of Mount Carlyle Stock Slocan, British Columbia Childs, John Frazer


The deformed Triassic Slocan Group sedimentary rocks consisting of argillite, limestone, and quartzite, have been regionally metamorphosed, folded, and intruded and thermally metamorphosed by Nelson Plutonic Rocks (Jurassic). Mt. Carlyle stock, a compositionally zoned body 21 square miles in aerial extent, was emplaced by forceful intrusion and passive assimilation as discerned from the contact effects on the Slocan Group metasediments. The margin of the stock is enveloped in a contact metamorphic aureole with biotite, andalusite, garnet and stauro-lite, cordierite, and sillimanite developed in approximate increasing order of proximity to the stock margin. Petrographic and structural evidence in a septum of Slocan Group metasediments between Mt. Carlyle stock and the Nelson Batholith to the south suggests that the stock postdates the batholith. Experimental data pertinent to the metamorphic mineral assemblages in the contact aureole of Mt. Carlyle stock indicate that temperatures up to approximately 650° c and pressures between 2½ and 7Kb. prevailed during contact metaaorphism. The metamorphism in the contact regions of the stock is characteristic of facies series intermediate between contact and regional conditions.

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