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The geology of Amco Lake, Burnet Creek and Wreck Lake Coppermine River area, N.W.T. Sheng, Cheng-Chun


Two separate areas which are located in the southern portion of the Coppermine River area were surveyed by the author during the summer of 1957. The area under investigation is underlain by the upper part of the Epworth Series and the lower part of the Coppermine River Series. Because of the lack of fossils in these series, they are presumed to be of late Precambrian age. The upper part of Epworth Series is represented by dolomite and interbedded quartzite. The lower part of the Coppermine River Series is represented by a series of basalt flows which are typical tholeiites, and interbedded sandstone in its upper part. A monzonite dyke crosses the basalt flows and sandstone at a high angle and is parallel to the main basaltic dyke swarm seen in the Takiyuak Lake area. The common structural feature is a series of tension faults trending from N10°E to N45°E and N10°W to N20°W, This is believed to have originated by the compressive force from the north induced by the Caledonian movement. The ore minerals, mainly chalcocite, occur in quartz-carbonate veins in feeder dykes and flow tops of basalt. Flakes of native copper are occasionally found in the fractures of the basalt flows.

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