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Geology of the Wasootch Creek map-area, Alberta Scott, Darcy Lon


The Wasootch Creek area is representative of the Rocky Mountain Front Range of southern Alberta. It is underlain by rocks of the Middle Cambrian, Upper Devonian, Mississippian, Permain and Lower Triassic, of which carbonates constitute the largest part. The Cambrian formations are correlated with the Eldon, Pika and Arctomys of the Bow Valley region. The Ghost River or Arctomys formation has on one fault block been removed by pre-Devonian erosion. The area is bounded on the west by the Cascade Coal Basin and on the east by the McConnell fault. Between these two structures are several high angle, westward dipping, reverse faults named from west to east Lac des Arcs, Exshaw, Porcupine, and West McConnell. Mature disection of the fault blocks has produced excellent correlation of rock hardness with topography. The McConnell fault consists of two thrusts which merge at Kananaskis Gap. South of Kananaskis Gap the two thrusts are designated McConnell and West McConnell.

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