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The Redstone bedded copper deposit and a discussion on the origin of red bed copper deposits Coates, James A,


The thesis is divided into two parts. In Chapter I a new bedded copper deposit at Redstone River, N.W.T., is described for the first time. Emphasis is placed on those aspects of the geology, mineralogy and mineralography which may have significance in considering the origin of the ore. It is concluded that the ores were emplaced at low temperature subsequent to deposition of the host rock. Some redistribution and possibly addition of copper occurred at a later date as a result of tectonic disturbance. In Chapter II the problem of the origin of red bed copper deposits is discussed with the Redstone deposit considered as a typical example. An attempt is made to review the major aspects of the problem, including what the writer considers to be the most important ideas expressed in the literature. The writer discards the terms 'epigenetic' and 'syngenetic1 as applied to such deposits and proposes new lines of research based on the difference in electric potential between host rocks and adjacent red beds.

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