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Pasco Creek breccia, Horseshoe Bay, B.C. Von Rosen, G. E.A.


An 800 foot-square outcrop of a gneiss-breccia body at Pasco creek, 3 miles north along the highway from Horseshoe Bay, B.C. was mapped, and its relationship to the gneiss country rock studied. A survey of the literature of breccias included in the present thesis was used as a basis, together with the field data, for a method of breccia formation proposed as a result of this work. The body was found to be pipe-like in shape, following directions of structural weakness in the rock. The size of breccia fragments and varying amounts of matrix, as well as the border phase dioritic rocks were thought to have resulted from several processes active in the formation of the breccia. Among these explosive action of gases ahead of an intrusive body, together with fluidization of a mixture of these gases and shattered country rock are thought to be of prime importance in the formation of the breccia.

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