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A long period Rayleigh wave experiment in the Vancouver Island region Pareja, German J.


A study of the dispersion of long-period Rayleigh waves was proposed in order to acquire additional knowledge about the lithospheric structure of the Vancouver Island region. Three portable, long-period seismographs were designed and built to operate in field conditions. An array was established with stations at Victoria, Vancouver and Quadra Island; during six weeks of operation, several earthquakes were recorded, of which two were aligned conveniently with the array. Another network with stations at Ucluelet, Quadra Island and Victoria was set up later; no usable data were recorded. the earthquake record was chosen for analysis, and group-velocity dispersion calculations were begun. Echo resolution on these data and a lack of ether usable records prevented the continuation of the data processing. No conclusions are drawn about the lithospheric structure; however, recommendations are made regarding possible future experimentation with the existing apparatus.

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