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Possible ionospheric electric currents for PI2 Micropulsations Cappelle, Sabine


Two possible ionospheric electric currents for Pi2 micropulsations are investigated and tested against data collected from a meridian chain of stations in Saskatewan. The electric coupling between the ionosphere and the magnetosphere under disturbed magnetospheric conditions is believed to be the cause of the Pi2 generation and propagation. The LC circuit analogy is first used to model this interaction, the source of energy lying in the magnetospheric equatorial plane. Secondly, the possibility of an ionospheric electric impulse imparted to a field-aligned current under the conditions of brightening of aurora is considered. It is found experimentally that the Pi2 originates possibly from these two source regions: the characteristics of a resonant LC oscillation expanding symmetrically to the west and to the east of the magnetospheric potential source are observed, as well a strong toroidal field existing and possibly originating in the ionosphere. It is suggested that optical data in conjunction with auroral radar echo and satellite data be necessary to confirm a future mathematical development of these possible Pi2 generation and propagation models.

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