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Lithofacies, provenance, and diagenesis of jura-cretaceous strata of the Northern Bowser Basin, British Columbia Cookenboo, Harrison O.


Lithofacies, provenance, and diagenetic studies of more than 3 km of Late Jurassic to mid-Cretaceous silicilastic sediments exposed in the northern Bowser Basin (northern British Columbia) record the tectonic development of the Canadian Cordillera. Strata are divided into the undivided Bowser Lake Group and overlying Currier, McEvoy, and Devils Claw formations Lithofacies include marine mudstone, coarsening upward mudstone, fining upward sandstone, coarsening upward sandstone, chert pebble conglomerate, and coal. Common lithofacies associations are interpreted as a progression (from older to younger) of shallow marine, lower delta plain, upper delta plain, and alluvial braid-plain depositional environments. A subsidence model based on sediment compaction and isostatic load accounts for the necessary accommodation space. The composition of the sandstone suggests an obducted island arc and oceanic crust asprovenance. Three petrofacies have been identified by modal analysis of framework grains. Petrofacies 1(P1), which occurs in undivided Bowser Lake Group and Currier Formation strata, (QtFL = 34-14-52;QmFLt = 9-14-77) is volcanic lithic rich with subequal to minor chert, minor monocrystalline quartz(generally

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