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Geology of the Harper Creek copper deposit Belik, Gary David


This study investigates the geological setting of the Harper Creek copper deposit. The relation of the deposit to structure and stratigraphy as well as the age and nature of the mineralization are discussed. Copper mineralization is confined to tabular-shaped zones within metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks of the Eagle Bay Formation. Although mineralization does not appear to be stratigraphically controlled, stratigraphy was important for the locallization of higher-grade material. Large-scale structures appear to have had an important role in the channeling of 'ore-forming' fluids. The deposit is thought to be genetically related to the formation of a large east-west oriented antiform. Mineralizing fluids of probable hydrothermal metamorphic origin migrated into this structure and replaced favorable host rocks. Although tenuous, evidence presented suggests the age of mineralization is between Upper Triassic (Karnian or Lower Norian) and Lower Jurassic-Upper Triassic.

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