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Construction of LR(k) parsers with application to Algol 68 Ramer, David Robert


The purpose of this thesis is to report on the study, implementation arad use of the LR (k) parsing technique with error recovery as applied to the computer programming language ALGOL 68. The LR (k) parsing technique is a powerful method of automatic construction of parsers for context free grammars. The methodology provided by De Remer is implemented for all classes of LR (k) grammars. The practical implementation of the translator limits k to 15. The necessity of having error recovery for any parsing technique cannot be overstated. An error recovery technique is provided and demonstrated for ALGOL 68. This technique uses the parsing translator to aid in the decision process to determine the transformation from a string of symbols not in the language, to a string of symbols in the language. The LR (k) parsing technique and the error recovery technique are applied to ALGOL 68 and prove to be practical techniques in the construction of compilers for computer programming languages.

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