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Failure recovery with priority progress multicast Han, Jung-Rung


This thesis sets out to gauge the strength of single tree based multicast video streaming systems in the presence of network failures. We have implemented failure recovery and improved multicast capabilities for the QStream video streaming system. Nodes in a multicast tree exchange small size information with each other whenever changes to the tree take place. Such information allows a node to determine a suitable replacement before its parent fails. We believe the benefits of the tree-based systems are underrated in the recent movement towards graph or multisource methods for multicast. The argument for graph methods is superior innate fault tolerance and high bandwidth utilization. In the worst case, we will establish a more realistic benchmark for tree-base multicast system to put in perspective of the benefit of graph. In the best case, we can show that trees can be repaired efficiently and quickly, without invoking the complexity of a graph system, contradicting somewhat the common perception that a single tree multicast in essence has poor ability to recover from failures. Quick and scalable failure recovery functionality can also become the basis of self-adjusting tree techniques to maximize bandwidth in future research.

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