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Semi-automatic protocol implementation using an Estelle-C compiler, LAPB and RTS protocols as examples Lu, Jing


Formal Description Techniques allow for the use of automated tools during the specification and development of communication protocols. Estelle is a standardized formal description technique developed by ISO to remove ambiguities in the specification of communication protocols and services. The UBC Estelle-C compiler automates the implementation of protocols by producing an executable C implementation directly from its Estelle specification. In this thesis, we investigate the automated protocol implementation methodology using the Estelle-C compiler. First, we describe the improvements made to the compiler to support the latest version of Estelle. Then, we present and discuss the semiautomated implementations of the LAPB protocol in the CCITT X.25 Recommendation and the RTS protocol in the CCITT X.400 MHS series using this compiler. Finally, we compare the automatic and manual protocol implementations of LAPB and RTS protocols in terms of functional coverage, development time, code size, and performance measure. The results strongly indicate the overall advantages of automatic protocol implementation method over the manual approach.

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