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Design and implementation of a token bus protocol for a power line local area network Gu, Hua


This thesis presents the development and implementation of a token bus protocol for a Power Line Local Area Network (PLLAN) which utilizes intra-building power distribution circuit as the physical transmission medium. This medium provides a low cost means for data communications with a high degree of portability. Due to the characteristics of the power line and the prototype modem, the network would be easily saturated with data and would have a high collision probabilities. The IEEE 802.4 token bus standard is modified to fit the PLLAN and to bring its performance up. A comparative performance of the original protocol and the modified version shows that the latter provides an improvement in network throughput of up to 15 percent and a reduction in the network join-ring delay of up to 20 percent for a wide workload range. The performance figures of the modified version in a power line network of three SUN 3/50 workstations¹ transmitting at 9.6 kilo-bit per second is also presented and analyzed. ¹Sun workstation is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.

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