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Transformation of set schema into relational structures Lee, Anna


This thesis describes a new approach of relational database design using the SET conceptual model. The SET conceptual model is used for information modelling. The database schema generated from the information modelling is called the SET schema. The SET schema consists of the declarations of all the sets of the database schema. A domain graph can be constructed based on the information declared in the SET schema. A domain graph is a directed graph with nodes labelled with declared sets and arcs labelled with degree information. Each are in the domain graph points to a node S from a node labelled with an immediate domain predecessor of S. The new method of table design for the relational database involves partitioning the domain graph into mutually exclusive <1,1>-connected components based on the degree information. These components (subgraphs) are then transformed into tree structures. These trees are extended to include the domain predecessors of their nodes to make them predecessor total. The projections of these extended trees into the value sets labelling their leaf nodes form a set of relations which can be represented by tables. This table design method is described and presented in this thesis, along with d program that automates the method. Given a schema of the SET model, together with some degree information about defined sets that a user must calculate based on the intention of the defined sets, the program produces a relational database schema that will record data for the SET schema correctly and completely.

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