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Flosy : a nonpreemptive FEP operating system Wu, Jean


In high-speed data acquisition systems where efficient data interrupt handling is the central issue, it is often desirable to off-load the real-time data acquisition tasks to a dedicated front-end processor (FEP), leaving the host to handle only the non-real-time tasks. The front-end processor in such a system setup requires an executive program which must be individually designed to handle the functions dedicated to it. This thesis documents the design and implementation of such a FEP operating system. The FEP hardware module we are concerned with consists of a DCJ-11 microprocessor, 128 Kbytes physical memory and a Q-bus to which various interface devices are attached. By applying the layering principle, the FEP operating system can be organized into a 5-layer hierarchy; each layer building on top of the services provided by the lower layers. The FEP operating system has been implemented and tested at TRIUMF where a new, high-speed data acquisistion system is being developed.

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