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Specification-verification of protocols : the significant event temporal logic technique Tsiknis, George


This thesis addresses the problem of protocol verification. We first present a brief review of the existing specification methods for communication protocols, with emphasis on the hybrid techniques. The alternating bit protocol is specified in ISO/FDT, BBN/FST and UNISPEX to provide a comparison between three interesting hybrid models of protocol specification. A method for applying the unbounded state Temporal Logic to verify a protocol specified in a hybrid technique (in particular FDT) is outlined. Finally, a new specification and verification method called SETL is proposed, which is based on event sequences and temporal logic. To illustrate the method two data transfer protocols namely, the stop-wait and alternating bit protocols are specified in SETL and verified. We demonstrate that SETL is a generalization of the hybrid techniques, it is sound and that it can be semi-automated.

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