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Calibrating the photographic reproduction of colour digital images Heiss, Detlef Guntram


Colour images can be formed by the combination of stimuli in three primary colours. As a result, digital colour images are typically represented as a triplet of values, each value corresponding to the stimulus of a primary colour. The precise stimulus that the eye receives as a result of any particular triplet of values depends on the display device or medium used. Photographic film is one such medium for the display of colour images. This work implements a software system to calibrate the response given to a triplet of values by an arbitrary combination of film recorder and film, in terms of a measurable film property. The implemented system determines the inverse of the film process numerically. It is applied to calibrate the Optronics C-4500 colour film writer of the UBC Laboratory for Computational Vision. Experimental results are described and compared in order to estimate the expected accuracy that can be obtained with this device using commercially available film processing.

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