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Protocol specification techniques and specification of the ISO session layer protocol Lee, Roselyn Kam Yiu


Communication between computers on a network is coordinated by sets of rules known as communication protocols. It is the formalization of the definitions of such protocols which is the focus of this thesis. Formal specifications play a key role in the design, implementation and verification of protocols. As we shall see, informal descriptions are inadequate due to the complexity of most protocols. The emergence of standard protocols to be implemented by a wide community of users further emphasize the importance of clear and concise specifications. There have been extensive research in the area of formal definition of protocols. The techniques introduced generally fall into categories of transition models, program models and hybrid (transition and program combined) models. In this thesis, we review various methods in these classes and illustrate them with specifications of the alternating bit protocol. To demonstrate the applicability of these specification techniques, we also specify the ISO session layer protocol using one of the (hybrid) methods described.

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