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Implementation of the Cambridge ring protocols on the sun workstation Chan, Linda


As Local Area Networks gain momentum in recent Computer Science research, implementation is generally characterized by various factors such as efficiency, reliability, error recovery, and synchronism; however, how well the above issues can be achieved is heavily dependent on the facilities available in an implementation environment. Due to the recent popularity of message passing and concurrent processes, the UNIX 4.2bsd operating system with its interprocess communication facility is chosen to be the implementation environment for the Cambridge Ring's Basic Block and Byte Stream Protocols. Basic Block Protocol, implemented as a device driver in the system kernel, is the lowest level protocol which provides an unreliable datagram service, while the Byte Stream Protocol, implemented using multi-concurrent processes in the user space, provides a reliable, full-duplex virtual circuit service based on the service provided by the Basic Block Protocol. This thesis describes the protocol implementation on a 68000 based SUN workstation, and discusses results learnt from the experiment. The multi-concurrent processes approach is found to work adequately well for a small number of clients, but incur high overhead when the number of clients is large.

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