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An evaluation of IMS/VS Miguel, Jose P.


This thesis presents an evaluation of the facilities available under IBM's IMS/VS Data Base Management Systems. Chapter 1 describes the IMS/VS main facilities, and is an introduction to chapter 2. Chapter 2 presents sumaries of evaluation of IMS/VS characteristics. These characteristics are grouped in categories as suggested by the Data Base Discussion Group (DBDG) of UBC in setting guidelines for the evaluation of general Data Base Systems. Chapter 3 presents an evaluation of the method of analysis used in this study and the general conclusions drawn from the study. Appendix 1 contains detailed answers to most of the questions proposed by the DBDG regarding the evaluation of the IMS/VS system. Appendix 2 contains the unanswered questions. Appendix 3 contains a glossary of terms used by the DBDG.

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