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Modelling and performance comparisons of some ring networks Nadkarni, Ashok Vasant


This thesis is mainly concerned with the mathematical modelling of some common types of ring networks, i.e., token rings (both the exhaustive and the non-exhaustive service disciplines) and slotted rings. The models described make extensive use of the standard results of queuing theory. The two service disciplines for the token ring display tradeoffs between fairness and system performance. In the case of the slotted rings, an optimum value for the number of stations on the ring is determined which gives minimum or near-minimum delays for all load levels. The correctness of the models is verified by comparing the analytic results with those from simulation. Finally, we summarize interesting results of our models and offer suggestions for further research. The literature contains very little work in this area. Hopefully this thesis has provided new insights into the behaviour of certain ring type local area networks.

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