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Design of an intelligent lisp cai tutor Fine, Gary


Recent developments in interactive Computer-Aided -Instruction and in Artificial Intelligence have enabled teaching machines and programs to deal reasonably effectively with the subject matter to be taught. Presented herein is a proposal and design for an intelligent LISP teaching machine. It is expected that such a system would be used in conjunction with other conventional methods to teach students, with some prior programming knowledge, the LISP programming language and "correct" programming style. With the belief that procedural knowledge is best learned by 'doing', this CAI system will integrate instruction in concepts, LISP syntax and semantics; instruction in the design of LISP functions and code; and analysis of students' solutions and consequent error correction. The goal of this LISP tutor is simply to act like a human tutor - cognizant of what the student is doing all the time, and able to provide advice and give direction where necessary.

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