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BRDF acquisition with basis illumination Achutha, Shruthi


To create a realistic image we need to characterize how light reflects off a surface. In optics terminology, the complete Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function is needed. At a given point on a surface the BRDF is a function of two directions, one toward the light and one toward the viewer. Any device for measuring the 4D reflectance data has to obtain measurements over the hemisphere of incident and exitant directions which can be quite tedious if done using the brute-force approach. In this thesis, we describe an efficient image-based acquisition setup that has no moving parts and can acquire reflectance data in a matter of a few minutes. We make this possible by using curved reflective surfaces that eliminate the need to move either the camera or the light source. The acquisition speedup mostly comes from the way we optically sample the BRDF data into a suitable basis. This also saves us the post-process compression of data. We then encode the data into a compact form that is suitable for use in various rendering systems.

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