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Compositionality of handlers on intermediate servers in a web service architecture Forghanizadeh, Sara


This research addresses the problem of inter-operability among different components in a Web service architecture on the Internet. "Message Handlers" are pieces of code that intercept the message between clients and services in order to create/modify different pieces of the message, or to perform a processing task. For several reasons, such as management, reusability, optimization, routing, providing value-added services and transformations, it might be desirable to have chains of handlers on intermediate servers on the path between the client and the server; however, automatic selection of the set of handlers to be executed and their order of execution is still a problem. We try to solve this problem based on the type of the messages that are sent by the clients and the expected server input type. We leverage two algorithms based on formal language theory in order to solve the handler composition problem. Our case studies show how our approach could help in solving the problem of schema migration and version incompatibility in a large system such as eBay.

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