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A security architecture for mobile agent systems Fu, Peng


Unlike traditional mobile intelligent agent systems where a small set of APIs are provided to support limited agent (code) mobility capabilities, a novel agent system, called WAVE, offers a complete high-level language that is, despite its fairly simple syntax, rich in semantics and mechanisms for integration, control and management for rapid, effective realization of seamless, cooperative distributed applications. However like many other mobile agent systems, the lack of security in WAVE highly restricts its scope of applications. In this thesis, we propose a security architecture and implement a security system based on this architecture to secure the original WAVE system. This security system makes use of a rich security model that gives identification to each principal user and provides access control to a very fine level of granularity. The security system also provides methods for detecting whether the behavior or data of a wave agent has been tampered. Although the security architecture was developed for WAVE, its applicability can be generally suited to any mobile intelligent system.

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