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Racier : a hierarchical approach for content internetworking through interdomain routing Cai, Xiaojuan


Nowadays, Internet traffic is mainly comprised of the distribution of static and media rich content. While ad hoc mechanisms may extend the reach of content, Content Internetworking (CI) attempts to foster the interoperability of distinct, independent Content Networks (CNs). Unfortunately, known CI content routing approaches have scaling problems and partly duplicate existing network layer functions. In this thesis, we propose a new Routing Architecture for Content IntERnetworking (RACIER). By extending existing IP networking infrastructures to incorporate content intelligence, an Internet built on the new routing architecture can be both IP and content aware. The key features of the architecture are hierarchy and parallel IP-address based routing and name based routing, which lend themselves well to scalability and performance, while maintaining compatibility with traditional Internet architecture. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is extended to support the content inter-networking in our approach. We implemented the system prototype based on the Multithread Routing Toolkit (MRT) and conducted preliminary experiments to verify our system architecture.

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