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Snmp for mobile computing Yin, Qing Vincent


Mobile computing is a popular subject in today's research. For a mobile environment to have industrial strength, it is essential that the system can be managed remotely in a standard way. The standard for today's network management is the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP.) In this thesis, we implement SNMP for two mobile environments: the traditional Mobile IP at the network/transport layer, and the Universal Personal Computing (UPC) at the session layer. We discuss the different approaches of implementation. UPC is a new concept of mobile computing developed by the IWLN project at UBC. We also implement the User Home Agent (UHA) which is the server in the UPC architecture. We also examine a new method of bridging between SNMP and CORBA, and we implement a prototype of an agent-side SNMP/CORBA gateway. The implementation on SNMP over CORBA is new in the academic community. Ideas for future research are also presented, including the implementation of a CORBA/SNMP gateway.

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