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Sketch-based modeling of parameterized objects Yang, Chen


This thesis presents a modeling system that constructs 3D models of particular object classes, such as cups, airplanes, and fish, from 2D sketches. The core of the system is a sketch recognition algorithm that seeks to match the points and curves of a set of given 2D templates to the sketch. The matching process employs an optimization metric that is based on curve feature vectors. The search space of possible correspondences is restricted by encoding knowledge about relative part locations into the 2D template. Once a best-fit template is found, a 3D object is constructed using a series of measurements that are extracted from the labelled 2D sketch. The sketch-recognition and modeling algorithms are applied to sketches of cups and mugs, airplanes, and fish. The system allows non-experts to use drawings to quickly create 3D models of specific object classes.

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