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Aphids++ : evolution of a programmable hybrid intrusion detection system Alam, Mohammed Shahidul


With the rapid growth of the Internet and the ever-increasing security problems associated with its popularity, the need for protection against unwanted intruders has become essential. Antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, spyware and malware detectors are some of the protection mechanisms available to users today. The diversity of these manifold systems suggests the need for a unifying managerial system, such as APHIDS (A Programmable Hybrid Intrusion Detection System), a mobile agent based IDS, which can correlate and coalesce preexisting security components. In this thesis we provide a description of improvements made to the initial APHIDS design, comprising the addition of an optional intelligent agent meant to improve the response of APHIDS in detecting VoIP (Voice over IP) and generic intrusions; and an XML implementation of our Agent Deployment and Correlation Script (ADCS), which is used to initialize the agent environment, allowing for flexible user modifications to control the deployment and invocation of mobile agents.

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