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Animation palette : an interface for prototyping dynamic aerial motions Zhao, Peng


This thesis presents an interface for the interactive design of dynamic aerial stunts, such as platform diving, freestyle aerial ski jumps and half-pipe snowboarding. This has applications for the prototyping of sports motions or for computer character animation in video games. The user selects from a library of actions, such as "stand", "pike" and "extend", in order to create a motion. Some actions define a set of target joint angles for proportional-derivative controllers, while others invoke balance controllers employing closed-loop feedback. A real-time physics based simulation determines the final motion. A motion can be created interactively in real-time, or edited off-line to allow for incremental refinement. Motion timings can be optimized automatically to produce desired outcomes. The interface can be used to explore questions such as "Is this new stunt possible?" or "What if the pike began earlier?" We demonstrate the interface using simulations of platform diving (29 unique dives), freestyle aerial ski jumps (13 unique jumps), and half-pipe snowboarding (4 unique jumps).

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