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The enhanced Rate Proportional Differentiation Model for the future Internet differentiated services Shi, Xizheng


With the advent of diversified network applications and utilization, the services demanded by users demonstrate divergent requirements. However, the traditional network service model, which provides all the users with the same performance level (best effort service), cannot meet the demand for providing a set of differentiated services. A number of service models, especially the Integrated Service model and the Differentiated Service model, have been proposed to address this problem. This thesis focuses on a new differentiated service model, called the Rate Proportional Differentiation (RPD) Services model. We propose an improvement of the model that can accommodate different differentiation requirements of the responsive and non-responsive traffic. We investigate a number of implementation issues of the service model using the network simulator NS- 2, including the problems of traffic starvation and fairness within each service class.

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