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A portable real time threads environment Mechler, Roland


Real Time Threads (RT Threads) is a threads package which provides real time scheduling semantics, application portability to a variety of host operating systems and hardware architectures, and support for distributed application programming via location transparent message passing between threads in distinct address spaces. RT Threads was initially designed as a programming environment for the development of the Continuous Media File System (CMFS), a distributed multimedia application requiring real time scheduling of asynchronous tasks. In particular, real time scheduling is required for timely disk reading and network transmission of continuous media data at the server nodes, as well as for synchronization of multiple media streams at clients. The goal of this thesis is to show that RT Threads has performance characteristics making it practical for use both as a general purpose threads package, and as a platform for developing applications requiring real time scheduling. In fact, it will be shown that RT Threads peforms acceptably well (for non-critical applications), even in a non-real time operating system environment.

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