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Implementation of DAFS on the Linux platform Xu, Yue


The rapid growth of the Internet drives research and industry in the field of network computing systems. Various such systems have been developed to provide better performance for Internet services. With the introduction of Virtual Interface (VI) and other new interconnect technologies, a new file access protocol - Direct Access File System (DAFS) is being proposed that may leverage these technologies to create a new network computing system. DAFS is based on NFS version 4. However, since it is for a local file sharing environment and built on new interconnection technologies, it is quite different from NFS version 4 in certain aspects. By eliminating the memory copy and operating system involvement during data transfer, DAFS has been shown to have much better performance than NFS version 4 has. Building a DAFS server in the Linux kernel is essentially the motivation behind this thesis. By implementing basic file operations in DAFS, we are able to compare the DAFS performance results with those from NFS systems. Focusing on the development of the file locking mechanism in DAFS, we are interested to see how two new locks introduced by DAFS - Persist Locks and AutoRecovery Locks - work in network file systems. In this thesis, we describe the VI technologies, DAFS protocol, and issues related to the design and implementation of a DAFS server in the Linux kernel. We also describe the file locking mechanism and the implementation related issues in DAFS.

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