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Sysrec : a computer program to record transmission network structures Gray, Barry Hugh


The design of large-scale industrial or experimental facilities oftentimes involves the routing of complex networks of power supply lines, control lines or signals, heating or cooling ducts, product transmission pipes etc. In such cases it is essential to be able to maintain an up-to-date, easily accessible, global record of each cable, duct or signal path, the function each performs and its relation to like elements within the system. It is the purpose of this thesis to describe such a facility as implemented by a conversational computer program - SYSREC. The facility discussed allows the user to build network configurations, perform minimum path routing of signals etc., delete connectors or signals and save the record of a network for further modification at some later date. In addition, it is possible to generate output summarizing, in detail, the status of a given network. The program is designed to perform the above operations interactively by means of commands inputted by the user. The thesis is composed of two logically separate sections; a User's Manual describing the capabilities and usage of the program and a Logic Manual describing the internal logic of the program. The purpose of such a separation is to provide self contained references for two distinct levels of user: the general user and the user who wishes to extend or modify the existing implementation. Since both the User's Manual and the Logic Manual contain their own tables of contents, appendices etc., the thesis may be split into two physically distinct parts should the need arise.

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