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A hierarchical fault-tolerance framework for mobile intelligent agent systems Chen, Jian


"Mobile Agent Systems" is an emerging technology that is becoming increasingly popular. A huge amount of research activity has been carried out in this direction, and various Mobile Agent Systems have been built by different institutions and companies. One of the most serious challenges that Mobile Agent Systems faces is the Fault-tolerance problem, which hinders Mobile Agent Systems to be put into real applications. To deal with the problem, a novel architecture, called Multi-Layered Dual- Monitor Architecture (MLDMA), has been developed. MLDMA not only does maintain the simplicity of centralized control mechanisms, but also has high scalability. A new checkpoint algorithm has been designed for MLDMA's hierarchical structure, and some security concerns are addressed. After introducing a mobile agent based file-sharing application-Wavetella, more discussion follows of Fault-tolerance solutions for the application layer, and comparisons are made among different approaches.

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