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Analysis of flexible arches Sled, John James


A method of analysis of flexible arches under the action of axial deformation, support movements, and fabrication errors by the deflection theory method is presented in this thesis. The elastic moments and dimensionless magnification factors for parabolic hingeless arches with rise-span ratios of 1/8, 1/6, 1/4 and 1/3 are given. Although the data is given for parabolic hingeless arches with a constant EI and one prescribed variation of EI, it is shown, by numerical examples, that the tables may be used for other arches whose shapes do not differ greatly from a parabola and, by interpolation, to other variations of EI. It is also shown that these solutions for hingeless arches may be used to obtain the solution of one and two hinged arches. It is shown by theory and by numerical tests that the deflection theory moments are directly proportional to the magnitude of the axial deformation, support movement, or fabrication error. It is also shown that these moments, when determined separately, may be added to each other and to moments due to load to obtain the correct total moment. The solutions in the tables were calculated by a numerical procedure of successive approximations. The electronic computer, the ALWAC III E, at the University of British Columbia was used to perform the large amount of numerical work required.

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