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Non-linear arches Franklin, Herbert ALexander


This thesis presents tables of coefficients for the prediction of moment amplification factors Ø across the span of symmetrical, parabolic arches. The prediction is accurate up to rise/span ratio f = 1.0 and may be applied to 0, 2 and 3-hinge arches with uniform or specified ei variations, for vertical and horizontal loads or couples (in the plane of the arch rib), and for specified support movements. A method of superposition is discussed and demonstrated for this non-linear analysis. Interpolation of the tables of coefficients for other ei variations is discussed. Using the tables to predict Ø for arches of other shapes is discussed and demonstrated. The tables of coefficients were developed from a curve-fitting process applied to elastic and deflection theory analysis of parabolic arches with specified loadings. An Alwac IIIE electronic digital computer was used for the developement and production work in this research.

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