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Plastic behaviour and buckling of rolled structural steel members under compression and bending Irvine, Edward Charles Fordyce


This research into the properties of a 5"x5"x16lb W.F., A 36 Steel, rolled structural member was undertaken to determine the following: i - Yield stress distribution over the cross section of the member as determined by coupon tests. ii - Development of strain over the cross section of the member, as measured by electric strain gauges, when subjected to a) Axial loading, b) Bending Moment. iii - The effect of previous loading of a member as a column into the region of yielding on its subsequent behaviour as a beam loaded to failure. The following results were obtained: i - Yield stress, particularly the upper yield stress was not uniform over the cross section. ii - The strain distribution in the plastic range was not uniform and varied from cross section to cross section and even at closely adjacent points on the same cross section. iii - Failure of the member, due to inadequate lateral support when loaded as a column, occurred before complete yielding was achieved. The effect of this previous loading on the subsequent behaviour of the member as a beam loaded to failure was inconclusive.

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