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Investigation of transfer bond in pretensioned prestresses concrete members by an original method Taylor, Peter Ridgway


A simple method is presented, suitable for the repetitive testing necessary to investigate fully the bond characteristics in the anchorage zones of pretensioned pre-stressed members. Conditions in one anchorage zone of a member are simulated, the central zone of constant stress being replaced by a rigid steel frame. Loads in the wire on either side of the specimen are measured by load cells incorporating strain gauges. The experimental series comprised thirty specimens, of which five were prestressed with bright wire. Seventeen specimens were prestressed with rusted wire and the remainder were cast with rusted wire under zero prestress. The results show the superior anchorage characteristics of rusted wire over bright wire and the exponential nature of the load pickup of the wire in the anchorage zone. A relation is suggested between end pull in at the free end and ultimate load anchored. A short description of an investigation of the relaxation behaviour of prestress wires is appended to the thesis.

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