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Effect of shear and transverse compression on deflection of beams in elastic range Dhanju, Kulwant Singh


This thesis presents a refinement of the conventional theory of sheer deflection of beams in the elastic range. The author's theory allows for discontinuity of sheer distortions of sections in the vicinity of vertical loads and also for the effect of vertical compression of the beam at the point of application of the vertical load. The writer does not investigate normal and shearing stresses but deals only with the effects considered as they influence deflection. The theory was tested experimentally on an aluminum alloy I-beam and a rectangular steel beam. The beam was rested on three supports and the load was applied at two points symmetrical to the central support, producing a statically indeterminate condition. Due to smallness of sheer deflections, the comparison between the theories was made in terms of statically unknown reactions rather than deflections themselves. These reactions were calculated from strains determined experimentally. The reactions computed in conformity with the two theories were then compared with the ones found from the electric strain gage readings. Attempt was made to find experimentally the effect of the proximity of the load on the strain gage readings.

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