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The consolidation characteristics of peat as determined from the one-dimensional consolidation test Doyle, Ronald Glen


A detailed discussion of the consolidation process of peats is presented with suggested testing procedures for determining the consolidation characteristics, specific gravity, void ratio, moisture content, side friction and permeability. Particular attention is directed to secondary consolidation effects which are discussed with reference to test results on two types of peats. The results from ten consolidation tests consisting of seven tests (2.5 inches diameter by 1 inch original height) on two types of peat, and three tests (8 inches diameter by 5 inches original height) on an amorphous peat are presented. A side friction measuring apparatus is described and experimental results of side friction measurements are presented. A pore pressure probe is described and evaluated as to experimental results of pore pressure measurements, permeability measurements and a rapid method of pore pressure determination during secondary compression. A graphical method of separation of primary and secondary compression is presented and described. Three topics are outlined as possible future research that will increase the understanding of the consolidation characteristics of peat.

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