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A creep study of an undisturbed saturated clay Rajagopalan, Kidambi Ramanujachari


A theoretical and experimental investigation into the creep of a sensitive clay under different deviator stresses is presented. The effect of deviator stress on pore-pressures within the soil is also studied. An explanation of the phenomenon of creep is offered which is based on a consideration of the micro-structure of the clay. Experimental evidence to support this explanation is presented. The experimental work consisted of standard triaxial "consolidated undrained tests" performed on cylindrical specimens. Pore-pressures were measured by means of a pore-pressure panel based on the M.I.T. design. The observed data show that, with other variables remaining constant, the strain rate increases with increase in applied stress. Experimental results do not conclusively prove the existence of an upper yield value for the clay tested, but they do suggest it as a possibility. With the temperature remaining constant, the test results show that the pore-pressure increases with increase in applied stress. Under a given applied deviator stress the pore-pressure increases at a decreasing rate and does not attain a maximum or constant value at any time during the test.

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