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Stiffness matrix solution for folded plates Payne, Carl Allan


A general analysis for a simply supported prismatic folded plate structure is presented. A stiffness matrix method is used with the individual plates taken as structural elements. When loads are applied to the structure the solution yields joint deflections and internal plate forces. The exact elasticity theory is used for the in plane or membrane solution and the classical thin plate theory is used for the out of plane or bending solution. By modifying a computer program used for stiffness matrix frame analysis, it is possible to solve a folded plate structure with more than two plates connected at the same joint. This is demonstrated by the solution of an I beam torsion problem, which also provides a check of existing torsion theories. Cylindrical barrel vaults of circular and other sections are analysed as folded plate structures. A study is made of the effect of the shape of the cross section on the shell stress distribution for long, short, thick and thin shells.

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