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Unsymmetric loading of a framed dome Fox, Selwyn Perrin


The linear analysis of a specific framed dome is mapped for the unsymmetric loadings of half snow and wind. The joints of the dome, to which the loads are applied, lie on a spherical surface but the connecting members are straight. Several parameters, such as the perimeter ring size, the web member area, geometric conformity, and joint fixity, are changed and the effects of these changes are compared and discussed. It is shown that membrane shell theory closely approximates the member forces induced by wind. An approximate system to find the member forces is presented and compared with the exact analysis. This system is based on overall structure equilibrium and an assumed distribution of edge shear. All analyses were made using a space frame program based on the stiffness method with six degrees of freedom per joint; An IBM 7040 computer was used for calculations.

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