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Effect of secondary compression on shear strength Lou, Jian-Kwei


An experimental investigation into the effect of secondary compression on an undisturbed sensitive clay is presented. The test series consisted of ten consolidated undrained triaxial compression tests which were carried out at constant strain rate on undisturbed saturated samples of sensitive Haney clay. Each sample was normally and isotropically consolidated for a different length of time. Before each sample was subjected to shearing, the pore pressure build-up due to secondary compression was measured. The effect of this amount of pore pressure build-up on the shear strength characteristics is discussed. The results of the investigation indicated that the secondary compression has an appreciable influence on the pore pressure set up for samples consolidated a shorter period of time. For samples consolidated for longer than one day, the effect of secondary compression on pore pressure can be neglected. The sensitivity of the clay, has a primary importance in determining the behavior of soil under load. The "reverse thixotropy" effect due to high sensitivity is briefly mentioned.

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