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Vibration analysis of dry sand models Aoki, Yoshinori


Using the shaking table, two types of tests have been made with 8 feet long by 1-1/2 feet wide and from 1/2 foot to 1 foot high dry Wedson sand models. One of them was a response study of the horizontal model, from which the affects of boundary restraints, the frequency-response of soil layer and the dynamic properties of dry sand were studied. The measured results with regard to the effects of boundary restraints and the frequency response of soil layer agreed with predictions by the linear visco-elastic theory. The measured shear wave moduli and damping ratio also agreed, with those obtained by previous workers. The other type of tests performed was a study of slope stability using tilted models, in which the accumulative displacement of slope was induced, by a sinusoidal base motion, the critical slope angle and the stable slope angle were studied. The measured accumulative displacement agreed with the theory suggested by Goodman and Seed (1966). It has been found that there are two distinctly different characteristic angles of slope associated with dynamic stability for a slope. These are the critical slope angle and the stable slope angle. Moreover, the stable slope angle is unique for a material and a frequency of the sinusoidal base motion and independent of the initial condition of the slope.

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