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Lateral stability of two-and three-hinged glulam arches Egerup, Arne Ryden


This thesis presents the results of a theoretical and experimental study of the lateral buckling of two- and three-hinged arches of rectangular cross-section with laterally restrained top edges. The structure is analysed with and without a linear torsional restraint along the top edge. The problem is formulated using the stiffness method. A stiffness matrix including the effects of lateral bending and torsion is used. The buckling load is defined as the smallest load at which the structure stiffness matrix becomes singular. The method of solution of the theoretical lateral buckling is iteration (eigen value problem) and determinant plot. This theoretical approach is verified by model tests with two- and three-hinged parabolic glulam arches in the laboratory. The method of solution for model test is the Southwell plot. The results of the tests are presented and are shown to be satisfactory. A set of numerical results are given for a range of arches with torsional restraint at the top edge and for various load distributions. A sample of calculations of a practical arch shows that, although the arch is safe according to the existing code, it is only safe considering lateral buckling including a torsional restraint at the top edge.

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