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Computer model for flow simulation of mission creek. Leith, Rory Marshall Montgomery


A description is given of the development and application of a computer program to simulate the streamflows in Mission Creek. This program provides a mathematical hydrologic model of the Mission Creek basin and is applied to 16 years of record between 1948 and 1971. The length of record for a year is normally from 31 March to 30 September inclusive. The model has been utilized to study the mechanisms for generating runoff, particularly rain runoff, the relationship between evapotranspiration and elevation; and the effectiveness of certain areas of the basin in generating runoff. The sensitivity and range of the parameters used in the model have been examined and techniques for predicting the parameters have been developed. Hydrologic areas of concern in the model are: snowmelt, evapotranspiration, runoff from rainfall and soil moisture deficiency.

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