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Anaerobic treatment analysis of concentrated hog wastes Nemeth, Les


Due to the development of intensive livestock production methods -namely, high-density confinement feeding - animal wastes traditionally looked upon as "natural" or "background" wastes, are now being subject to the same restrictions, as regards disposal, as industrial wastes. As a result waste treatment of some nature has become necessary. Such treatment methods would reduce the amount of solids requiring disposal and make the liquid portion more acceptable for disposal to water courses or for re-use. Anaerobic lagooning is one such method of waste treatment of concentrated animal wastes. An investigation on a laboratory-scale of the effects of various parameters on the anaerobic decomposition of hog waste was undertaken. Included in this study was the effect of varied detention times and temperatures on such waste characteristics as oxygen demand, solids, nutrients and gas composition and production. The final outcome of this program was to add some degree of optimization to the anaerobic waste treatment method and to develop improved design guidelines related to this specific field. All recommendations presented are based on laboratory findings. Correlation between laboratory-scale results and field-scale results was not attempted in this portion of the study.

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